Freak Kitchen’s New Epic Video ~ Freak Of The Week

Premiering at the New York ComiCon in October, the brand new Freak Kitchen animated video of Freak Of The Week from the new album Cooking With Pagans is gathering rave reviews.  The video was funded by a massive Kickstarter campaign that brought in over $140,000 and was spearheaded by animation guru Juanjo Guarnido (Blacksad, Disney) who quite possible takes the crown for being a Freak Kitchen super fan!  Guarnido’s awesome creation blends 3D graphics and traditional 2D animation into a thrilling video presented here for your viewing pleasure.  And remember to get your very own copy of Cooking With Pagans from the fine folks at!


Long Awaited New Freak Kitchen Album Is Here!

New Freak Kitchen album September 2nd!



The production of the forthcoming Freak Kitchen album is now wrapped up!  World wide street date: September 2nd!


Words from the Swedish Freaksters themselves:
The twelve frantic tracks are: Professional Help, (Saving Up for an) Anal Bleach, Come Back to Comeback, I Don’t Want to Golf, Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan, Hide, Private Property, Sloppy, Ranks of the Terrified, Goody Goody, The Mathematics of Defeat and Freak of the Week.

Also, we are darn excited to say, an insanely cool animated video to one of the record tracks is being produced by none other than the genius Juanjo Guarnido of Blacksad and Disney fame (also very much responsible for the most groovy album artwork weíve ever had). A tremendously successfulKickstarter brought in no less than a $140,000 to finance the painstaking, yet rewarding, work of drawing an entire video, frame by frame. We are inextreme gratitude to each and every one helping out to make this stunning project come to life! The video will premiere at Comic Con in New York in October! For more news and updates, please visit the Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen page on Facebook.

Order a copy for your own beefy mitts from the fine people at Laser’s Edge!

New Hephystus album ~ Fragmenting Shadows ~ available now !


Fragmenting Shadows, the new pulse-pounding shirt-ripping jaw-clenching album from Hephystus is available now!  This album is packed with 14 tracks of fist-pumping melodic mayhem.  It’s metal made for the intelligent listener.  Get your very own copy direct from the band or through all the usual download sites.

“Is it really that good,” you say?  Well, you don’t have to take my word for it!

“Every single track on this album is full of emotionally powerful lead electric guitar.”  “The songwriting is intense…”  Mark Johnson, Sea Of Tranquility

Read the full review here.



This Is Goodbye from Fragmenting Shadows.



Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 12.00.36 AM


Welcome to BMP!!!

Welcome to Blue Mouth Promotions, LLC (BMP)!!!

Blue Mouth Promotions LLC, an artist management and promotion company, was founded on the principle that music is art deserving of an opportunity to reach an appreciative audience.  We recognize the necessity to operate within the music business, but not the need to be bound by how that business operates.  For BMP, it’s all about the music.

Please have a look around and enjoy the site.  Special thanks to Scott Chatfield for getting it started and to Bill Lonero for his hours of work building it (and for putting up with us saying, “OK, but can we do this??” over and over!!).

You’re sure to enjoy getting to know the BMP family of artists.   We’re constantly overwhelmed by the talent they possess, and we’re honored to be working with every one of them.  Please also visit the Friends of BMP page.

C’mon back frequently and check out updates on where everyone will be!  We’d love to hear from you via our Contact page with venue suggestions in your area or with any questions and comments you may have.  We can’t promise we’ll be able to send one of the artists to play in your back yard, but we’re certainly happy to look into your suggestions!


Rodney and Julie