Heiko Jung (bass), Jan Zehrfeld (guitar, vocals), Alexander Von Hagke (sax), Joe Doblhofer (guitar), Sebastian Lanser (drums)

Panzerballett’s music has been designed to function as a perfect workout to highly develop, expand, and reinforce the connections between the brain and each muscle used for head banging. Some have reported head shaking as an early side-effect that mostly, after prolonged exposure, develops into smiling and sometimes even rapturous laughter. World-traveled and well-acquainted with festival audiences, Panzerballett’s Jan Zehrfeld (guitar), Joe Doblhofer (guitar), Heiko Jung (bass), Sebastian Lanser (drums), and Alexander Von Hagke (sax) continue to level audiences with unexpected twists and turns in their music that leave listeners well pleased and pondering what they just experienced.

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“Vulgar Display of Sauerkraut”

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