Sean O’Bryan Smith

Sean O'Bryan Smith

Sean O’Bryan Smith

What do you get when you have an artist whose genuine persona in the music industry escapes categorization?
The answer is bassist/solo artist/film composer/producer Sean O’Bryan Smith. As an internationally acclaimed bassist, Sean has had one of the most diverse careers in the music industry. He’s shared the studio and/or stage with an eclectic mix of legendary artists ranging from George Clinton to Larry Carlton to Kenny Rogers and over 100 other major and independent artists from around the globe. As a solo artist he continues to be the top selling artist for Australian record label Wolf Entertainment, and has guested on tracks throughout their artist roster from countries such as Germany, Australia, Russia, India, and Indonesia. He’s also a featured anchor in Polcat along with guitar icon Chris Poland and Grammy-winning sax player Frank Catalano, as well as a member of Russia’s Kazhargan World alongside drum icon Atma Anur. In addition, Sean is an accomplished film composer who is currently developing projects in the United States, India, and around the globe. Musically bi-polar Sean O’Bryan Smith is thy name.

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