Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen

Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh (guitar), Björn Fryklund (drums), Christer Örtefors (bass)

 Viking raids nearly always came as a total surprise. They knew the European coasts like the backs of their hands and planned their attacks in advance. The same can be said of Sweden’s Freak Kitchen who has been conquering much of the world since 1992. With seven albums already under their belt (and an eighth on the way!) Freak Kitchen has established a global reputation for slaughtering audiences with hysterical antics and expert musicianship. Axemaster Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh needs no introduction among serious guitar players, but the unsuspecting might well have the same reaction as the executive editor of Guitar Player magazine who described Eklundh’s playing as “pure voodoo.” Able to pound out skull crushing riffs and fiery yet baffling solos with equal ferocity, it’s easy to miss the incredibly complex structures contained within many Freak Kitchen songs.

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