Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins Fall Tour Dates with the Travis Larson Band! Plus Andy Timmons and Teddy Kumpel!

Mike Keneally fans everywhere had been eagerly anticipating the release of Scambot 2, Mike’s long awaited follow-up to 2009’s Scambot. Perhaps even more anticipated is the chance to see Keneally on the road with his two favorite compadres, Bryan Beller and Joe Travers, collectively known as Beer for Dolphins. Fans of MK&BfD will hear a bevy classic 90’s tunes from albums like Sluggo! and Dancing among more than a few other terrific surprises. It’s great to have this classic trio playing together again and boy-o-boy is it ever hard to make that happen! Mike has been quite the busy fellow working on a number of side projects not to mention recording and touring the globe doing nearly impossible things in Joe Satriani’s band.


MK&BfD with TLB

And as if the splendor of MK & BfD live weren’t enough to stuff the pallet of the muso-cognoscenti, MK will be supported by the riff-crunchy stylings of the Travis Larson Band! Yes, Travis and crew, Jennifer Young – bass, and Dale Moon – drums, will be all over the place this fall in musical combinations  of which mere mortals could only dream!  Travis is putting the finishing touches on a new album soon to blaze brand new sonic frontiers. You’ll find all the details right here kiddies!



If you’ve read this far and are the kind of clever socially with-it people we know you to be then you’ve clearly been anticipating this next announcement.


AndyTimmonsPromo (17 of 22)



Blue Mouth Promotions is distinctly honored to welcome Andy Timmons into our cozy little family of high-powered musicians. Andy is a true gem of a guy and the fact that he’s one of the world’s greatest guitar players is simply a bonus. We’re so gosh darned proud to work with Andy we just don’t know what to do with ourselves! Well, that’s only partly true. We’re proud for sure but we’ve also been busy working to get Andy out on the road this fall. Fans of Andy’s fiery rich tone will be positively giddy to know there’s a new Andy Timmons Band album just around the corner! We’ll put out the word just as soon as we can but you all should do your dead-level best to catch one of the shows. Andy will be welcoming the Travis Larson Band along for most of the ride because Travis is everywhere powering one of the hardest working bands known to man.

When you see the Andy Timmons Band, Travis Larson Band, or Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins live on stage, ‘gobsmacked’ may be a lasting state of mind.




Now, as if that weren’t enough to straighten out yer short-n-curlies, please also give a warm welcome to Teddy Kumpel. You may have seen Teddy almost anywhere covering half the planet playing guitar and singing background  for none other than Joe Jackson. But when on his own, Teddy wrangles a six-string in a way few others are capable by looping layer upon layer into a veritable guitar orchestra, a LOOPestra if you will. Check the show listings for when and where to catch Teddy’s fretboard acrobatics.